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Welcome to the species that Hunting DNA offers, where the diversity of spanish fauna meets with the emotion of hunting. Discover the specie s that awaits you in our terrains, each one of them with their own characteristics and particular challenges.

Muflón europeo ovis orientalis musimon hermosa oveja primitiva con cuernos largos de bosques y bosques europeos república checa

Spanish Ibex

The Spanish Ibex, king of the mountain hunting, represents the power of the iberian fauna. Hunt ing this trophy means facing challenging mountain ranges and live the emotion of tracking one of the greatest treasures of spanish hunting.



Hunting an Iberian deer is a challenge that combines patience and strategy. Experience the emotion of hunting a deer where connection with your surroundings is as important as your hunter abilities.

Muflón europeo ovis orientalis musimon hermosa oveja primitiva con cuernos largos de bosques y bosques europeos república checa


Spanish Mouflon offers hunters a unique experience. Its cunning and adaptability to harsh terrains makes their hunting a test of ability and resilience, and each trophy is a testimony of the conquest of the natural challeneges.

rebeco del cantabrico


The Chamois is a unique specie in their hábitat. Its hunt is a definition of getting to the most challenging territories, offering hunters an incredible experience and the opportunity of capturing the essence of the iberian mountains.


Fallow deer

The fallow deer is one of the most distinctive species of the iberian woods. Hunting a fallow deer is an experience that combines the emotion of encountering one with the
contemplation of its natural grace.


Roe deer

The roe deer is a pure exercise of strategy and ability, as it is one of the most elusive animals of the iberian península. Hunting a roe deer is a challenge of agility and quickness of the hunter.

rebeco del pirineo

Pyrenean Chamois

Pyrenean Chamois is an emblematic specie of the Pyrenees, where the hunters will be hunting in breathtaking landscapes where connection with nature interweaves with the emotion of hunting.


Barbary sheep

The Barbary sheep, in the iberian deserts, represents a unique challenge for hunters. Its hunt implies exploring one of the most arid and steep territory, offering a unique experience of hunting in one of the most singular habitats in Spain.


Wild Boar

The wild boar is a specie that combines power and cunning. Its hunting implies facing a formidable challenger in the woods and iberian countryside. The emotion of the hunt of a wild boar i s an experience that leaves an unforgettable memory in the hunter.

Discovers the richness of the spanish fauna with Hunting DNA. Each specie
represents a unique challenge, a connection with nature and the possibility of
capturing unforgettable moments in your hunting journey.