Discover our different hunting methods

Welcome to the methods of hunting of Hunting DNA, where tradition, emotion and diversity interweave to offer unique hunting experiences. Explore diffe rents methods, created to satisfy every preference of each hunter.


Stalking represents the most pure essence of hunting. Go beyond the mountains
through breathtaking landscapes where the equality between the animal and the
hunter is more present than ever. This method aims to look for big trophies of the
species that inhabits our wild territories. Discover the emotion of tracking, sneak up
and facing a challenge in the territory of the animal.

From majestic mountains to serene valleys, stalking gives you a unique experience of
connection between hunting and nature.


With the hunting blind strategy and patience a re key. Look up for animals in their
routine, during day and night. Try to anticipate the movements of the animals with this method hiding in the solitude of nature.

The hunting blind with Hunting DNA offer an opportunity of enjoying the essence of
the dif ferent species as you wait for them in their own territory.


Monteria is the most popular method of hunting in Spain. Collaboration between
hunters and dogs creates a unique experience where emotion and camaraderie
interweave in the tradition of hunting.


With beautiful hunting experiences, monterías are a tribute to conecction with
tradition where each hunter plays a significant role in this hunt.


Velocidad y Destreza en la Caza Menor

Partridges are the kings of small game in Spain. With this method, a group of scouts
will look for partridges and will lead them to the hunters, that will try and take them as they flee from the scouts.


With partridge hunting Hunting DNA offers a unique small game experience were
quickness and agility will be your all ies.

Discover your style, find the method that best suits you and live a unique
experience with Hunting DNA.